Win An iiNet BoB2 and Wireless Bridge [Competition]

Update: This competition has now ended. Thanks to all that participated!

The winners were Nickolas – BoB2; and Alicia – Wireless Bridge

It’s that time again where I have a Bob2 and a Wireless Bridge from iiNet to giveaway to lucky readers of This competition is a follow on from the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock competition I had a while ago, which I am sure many people had great fun participating in.

This time, it’s a little different. From December 1st to December 12 2011, I’ll be giving out a series of questions in many different parts of the web between that time. This could be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+,’s newsletter, this website, and maybe a few secrete locations as well.

More information about the prizes can be found below:

iiNet Wireless Bridge Information


How to play

Playing is really easy. Keep an eye out on questions between December 1st and December 12th 2011, and fill out the form below with your answer. Just make sure you keep an eye out on the questions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, my newsletter and website for them. Questions might also be a little tricky to find as well – but there will be clues if no one seems to answer them.

How to win

To win, it’s quite simple. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. But here’s the tricky part. Questions won’t necessarily be worth the same amount of points, and you can get bonus points by doing other things like referring people to this competition. There may be one question asked per day, or 10 questions asked per day – so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

The person at the end of the of the game with the most amount of points will get to pick their choice of a BoB2 or a Wireless Bridge. If there is a tie between the winners, whoever answered the last question first will win. The winner for the remaining prize will be randomly chosen.

How points are scored

There are a number of ways points are gained for a question. The question will outline how many points the question is worth.

  • Fixed Points – Questions are worth a fixed amount of points, and can be worth anything. Questions will include how many points it’s worth like (2pts), or (5pts). The questions that are still able to be answered can be found below.
  • Timed Points – These will be worth a lot, and will be marked as (time) in the question. The amount of points timed questions are worth will be varied depending on the number of people who answer it. With timed questions, to get the most amount of points, you have to answer them as quickly as possible. Points are calculated like this: If 20 people answer the question, the first person who answered will get 20 points, the second person, 19 points, the third person 18 points and so on, all the way to the 20th person (last person who answers) who will get 1 point. So the first person to answer timed questions can rapidly increase their chances of winning – so make sure you keep an eye out for them.
  • Referrals – The more people you refer to this game, the more points you can get. Every person you successfully refer to participate in this game, you will receive 5 points for, and they will receive 2 points. But to be fair to those who don’t have a large list of followers to refer, the maximum points anyone can get for referrals will the median value of all points for all eligible players within the game – so it’s still better to refer a lot of people has you don’t know how many points people may get. Referral points will be calculated at the end of the game. Those who are caught abusing the referral system will be disqualified.

To be eligible

To be eligible, we need to be able to post or physically deliver you your prize. So you must live in Australia, and be over 18 years of age. In addition, we cannot send the prize to a P.O Box.

Enter Your Answer Below

Entry form has been removed as competition has ended

Submission Rules

To ensure your answer is calculated, please abide by the following:

  1. You must always enter your full name exactly the same on all questions you answer
  2. You must always enter your email address exactly the same on all questions – your email address will be used as your identifier to calculate your results. If you make one spelling mistake, your answer may not count towards your total score
  3. In the question number box, please enter the questions’ numerical value. For question one, just type the number 1, for question fifteen, type the number 15
  4. If you were referred to this competition by a friend, you must enter their email address in the referral box for points to be awarded. You can only be referred by someone once and from only the first question that you answer. If you enter more than one referrer, or you enter an email address after you have submitted your first question, you will be disqualified.
  5. You agree to the terms and conditions outlined below, and that you live in Australia

Start Your Referring!

In the mean time, use the below form to start your refering and to get bonus points. Remember, you get 5 points if you refer someone, and they get 2 points as well.

Entry form has been removed since competition has finished

I wish you all the best, and good luck finding and answering the questions!

Latest Question: Question 24

For a limited time only, if you have not answered the following questions, you can still do so! This is also the perfect opportunity to get those free referral points!

Question 16: What is the URL I can find iiNet’s official Facebook page on? (2 points)

Question 17: What is iiNet’s customer support number? (Timed)

Question 18: iiNet recently got in trouble with one of their TV ads. Why? (Timed)

Question 19: Question 19: At what URL can you find iiNet’s official YouTube channel? (Timed)

Question 20: What is the URL of iiNet’s Service Status page? (Timed)

Question 21: What is the URL I can find iiNet’s official Google+ account on? (Timed)

Question 22: What is the name of the “iiNet Guy” – you know the one on the TV ads! (Timed)

Question 23: What is the URL that was hidden in iiNet’s recent TV ad that got banned by authorities?

Question 24: If you are an iiNet Customer, what do you like about iiNet, and what do you don’t like about iiNet? If you are not an iiNet customer, why aren’t you? (5 points)

Terms, Conditions, and Other Important Things

  • You must live in Australia and be over 18 years of age – if you are not, please don’t participate – get your parents too
  • If you won a prize in the previous give away, you are not eligible to win in this giveaway
  • Winners will be notified by email, and will be requested to provide their shipping address to be able to be sent the prize
  • If a winner is does not contact me back within a week of being notified by email for winning, or is deemed ineligible to win, the prize will be given to the next eligible winner
  • You contact information will only be used to notify you and inform you about this competition and key updates on the competition, unless you decide to join the mailing list
  • Those employed by iiNet may not enter
  • If you are caught cheating the game, you’ll be disqualified
  • This giveaway is made possible thanks to iiNet. They kindly gave me a BoB Lite to review, after a post I wrote about BoB2, and when I said I could give it away, they insisted to give BoB2’s and Wireless Bridges as well to give away. A BoB2, Wireless Bridge, and BoB Lite has already been given away in a previous competition
  • iiNet is only the supplier of the prizes. This game is done independently of iiNet and is run by

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