Win One Of: BoB2, BoB Lite, Wireless Bridge Thanks To iiNet

WIN! Find out how you can win a BoB2 or a Wireless Bridge from iiNet in December

Thanks to iiNet, Australia’s number 2 in DSL Broadband, I am giving lucky readers of a chance to win one of 2x BoB2’s, 1x BoB Lite, and 2x Wireless Bridges. If you are unsure what these devices are, make sure you read my post “What Does iiNet’s BoB1, BoB Lite, BoB2 and Wireless Bridge Actually Do, And Why Would You Want One?

I will be conducting two separate competitions in which you are allowed to enter into both (but only win once). The first competition will have up for grabs a BoB2, a BoB Lite and one Wireless Bridge. The second competition will have a BoB2 and two Wireless Bridges up for grabs.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Tournament


That’s right! To win these awesome prizes, you’ll be playing against other entrants in a Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock tournament. How cool is that!

How To Play

Between now and Friday 19th of August, entries will be open. Entries will close sometime after Friday to be able to fill up the last section of a draw if it’s not full – as I don’t know how many people will participant.

To play, you will need fill out a form and enter your throws for each round. After all entries are in, I will publish a draw hopefully within the next day. To be fair on who you are playing against, you will be assigned a random number that has been generated and you will be sorted in ascending order and then entered into the draw. I will then match up everyone’s throws and determine a winner and will post one round of results every day. The winner will progress through to the next round, while the loser will be eliminated – but will still have a chance to win the third prize in the pool.

Who Wins?

If you’re familiar with the game Rock Paper Scissors, you might not be aware of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. So below is an image of who beats what.


To win a round, it is a best of 5. That means the first person to win 3 times wins the round and progresses to the next stage.

The Winners

Since there are three prizes in this competition, the winner of the tournament will get first pick from the prize pool – in case they already have one of prize from iiNet. The winners who make it into the semi final will have a play off and are required to perform a secrete task and possibly answer a few secrete questions. The winner from the playoffs will have second pick of the prize. The third prize (whatever is left) will be given to a random participant of those who selected the last remaining item on the entry form. This prize will be drawn at random. For example, if the tournament winner and the winner from the playoffs choose the BoB Lite and Wireless Bridge, those who select BoB2 on their entry will only be able to win – so pick what you want carefully.

To be eligible

To be eligible, we need to be able to post or physically deliver you your prize. So you must live in Australia, and be over 18 years of age. In addition, we cannot send the prize to a P.O Box.

Enter the Tournament

To enter, please follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Like on Facebook, join the Facebook event and tell your friends, send a tweet and share to your follower’s about this tournament, post it on competition sites, forums, or write a post on your blog informing your readers and followers about the giveaway. You can do one, or all, or none of the following, but it would be appreciated if you let your friends know because we have to fill up the draw.

Step 2:

Click the big Enter Now button, and fill in the entry form.

Update: Competition is closed. Please view the tournament update page for the announcement of the winners.

Step 3:

Make sure you keep coming back to to check important announcements and draws to see if you have progressed to the next round. If you and your opponent draw, you must, within 24 hours of the draw being published, reselect your hand and play again. If you fail to re-submit your hand, you will automatically be eliminated from the tournament.


Keep updated

Make sure you are kept up to date with the progression of the tournament, include the publication of results. All updates will be provided here.

How this competition happened

I better explain how this giveaway all started. Facebook had a BoB2 giveaway back in May – giving one BoB2 away every day, and I was lucky to win on day 2. Being one of the first people to receive a BoB2, I wrote an extensive review about it. Steve from iiNet Labs, found my article, and said here is a BoB Lite and Wireless bridge so you can compare as well. Since I didn’t really want to keep them, I suggested that I would give them away, after I reviewed them. In his next email, he said, here are three Wireless Bridges, two BoB2, and two BoB Lite’s to giveaway and a message “Feel free to retain, naturally sending a few extra so you can share with your readers :)” So that leads to how I am able to give these products away.


Terms, Conditions and Other Important Things

  • This is meant to be a fun competition, so no fights and arguments with other players or the referee – who will be me, and as Referee, I can disqualify you
  • I’ve tried to make this as fair as possible, and this giveaway is just for fun
  • You must live in Australia and be over 18 years of age – if you are not, please don’t participate – get your parents too
  • If there are disputes, I will have the final say
  • You can only win once throughout both giveaways
  • Winners will be notified by email, and will be requested to provide their shipping address to be able to be sent the prize
  • If a winner is does not contact me back within a week of being notified by email for winning, or is deemed ineligible to win, either the runner-up will get the prize, or it will given away to a random participant
  • Since I don’t know how many people will enter – I cannot judge how many rounds there will  be. I will try to include enough so you only have to enter once, but some people may need to submit another round of plays. You will  be automatically eliminated for the tournament if you do not submit another round of play if required
  • In case of a draw (which hopefully won’t happen), you have 24 hours to resubmit your hands. Failure to do so will mean elimination.
  • Entry is depended on entering your results only – I won’t enforce people to share
  • You contact information will only be used to notify you and inform you about this competition and key updates such as have the draw, unless you decide to join our mailing list
  • Those employed by iiNet may not enter
  • The email address you have supplied in the entry form will be only used to provide you with information and updates regarding this competition, unless you have stated you wish to sign up to the mailing list.


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