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How To Recover Your Failed Hard Drive

In 2014, I suffered a hard drive failure, in which it took 2 months to try 11 different methods to recover my files. This time, instead of my hard drive failing, my friend’s hard drive crashed after she plugged it into her Xbox.

Google Fined AUD$3.62 Billion By EU – Here’s Why It’s Wrong

The European Union has fined Google a record $3.62 billion Australian Dollars for breaching “antitrust rules” with its online shopping service. However, I believe this is wrong (which I will explain shortly), but let’s first go into more detail about the fine. What Did Google Do to Be Fined by The European Union? The European

There’s more to Google Search than just typing words into a box

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and it has developed a lot in the last decade. But there is more to Google Search than just typing words into a box. Task automation and integration app, Zapier has put together an infographic on how you can Search Smarter with 30 Advanced Google Search Tricks.

The Facebook Crackdown. Are you willing to lose everything you have posted on Facebook?

Facebook was founded in 2005. We are now in 2017. That’s 12 years of status updates, photos, comments, private messages, video’s and hilarious memes that you’ve shared with your closest friends and family. For some, this could be the memories of your children growing up. For others, this could be those embarrassing status updates you wrote

Latest Snapchat Update: How Your Snaps May Be Accessed By Anyone

The latest update to Snapchat, may be a scary one for some. Now, Snapchat Stories that you post are now searchable for the entire world to see.

How To Upload A File To Cpanel From Another Server/URL?

Question I am manually migrating my website (WordPress) over to another cPanel account, and my internet connection isn’t overly fast. I have compressed my files and created an archive in a .zip file. Instead of downloading the .zip file to my home computer and re-uploading it to the new Cpanel server, how can I simply transfer

How To Highlight The Current Weeks Row In A Google Spreadsheet

Question I am creating a team roster for my team so we know who is playing each week, and who is not. To make things more visually pleasing, I want to automatically highlight the row of the current week, so we can easily determine which round we are up to. How do I do this on Google