My Facebook account is acting strange, how can I fix it?

Bobby Asks:

Can you help? My FB is acting strange. I can’t “like” and comment on status’ and cannot share anything.

Also, anyone with a timeline (myself included) the page looks different, like it is offset to the left and pics are huge, taking up my whole screen. Yesterday i found that I was unable to use the rafflecopter in some contests that i normally enter. I tried everything, even system restore, now today is when the not being able to share a status adn the strange looking timeline pages started. Facebook is the only site that I am having issues with. Thanks!


A couple of things you can try doing here:

  1. You could have a virus that is toying around with how Facebook is displayed to do.
  2. You have a web browser addon that is changing the behaviour of Facebook. Try disabling addons
  3. Try pressing Control+0 (to reset the size of Facebook)
  4. Try pressing Control+F5 (to perform a hard refresh). Sometimes Facebook doesn’t load that well.
  5. Clear your cookies and cache (See How do I delete my web browsers cookies and private information?)
  6. Remove apps you no longer need (probably not a direct cause, but it’s still good to do (Account Settings –> Apps)
  7. Try a different computer or Web Browser. Try FF or Chrome.
  8. Let me know if any of these tips work, or email me some screenshots

I hope some of these methods work for you.


Jack Cola


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