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The ISO OSI Reference Model

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference model is an important concept in network communication. Its aim is to divide the internet communication system into layers. The OSI model is broken into seven layers that describe the types of networks communication. Let us have a look at the seven separate layers and their functionality: Layer 7

Introduction to Computer Operating Systems

Operating Systems are the heart of computers. Without it, we would not really be able to use computers as we do today. An Operating System is the software that controls the hardware and resources of a computer. Its job is to manage applications to use the CPU, RAM, Hard Disk and other peripherals that may

A Brief Comparison Between Unix and Windows For A System And Network Administrator

As a System and Network Administrator, there are two Operating Systems that you would likely deal with. They are Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux. This post will briefly outline the differences between the two operating systems, and the advantages and disadvantages of them. How Is UNIX Different From Windows Free Vs Paid The UNIX Operating System

The OSI Network Management Model

The OSI Network Management model is a model for Network and System Administrators to understand the major functions of network management systems. In this model, there are 5 areas’ of functions which is also known as FCAPS. The aim of the model is for Network and System Administrators to understand a number of issues and

An Introduction To Network & System Administration

Being a System or Network Administrator of a large computer network can be a difficult, and time consuming task. It is not as simple as people might think. Yes, once it is all running well, the life of a Network Administrator may seem easy, but when things go wrong, it can be a living hell.

Network And System Administration: Table of Contents

In the next few months, I will be looking into “Network and System Administration”. I will be writing about a number of topics providing information, definitions, and techniques all related about administrating systems and networks. This page will act as a table of contents for each post. An Introduction To Network And System Administration –

The Importance of Network Security And The Types Of Security Attacks

In today’s era, almost every single organisation uses a computer and has a computer network to send, receive and store information. Whether it’s sending emails, storing documents, or serving information through a web server, it is very important to focus on security, especially if your network contains sensitive, confidential and personal information.   The Importance