My Experience Connecting to the NBN Network – 4 Days & a 5 Minute Outage

I have waited for the NBN network for 10 years, and finally on Christmas morning, I received an email notification from iiNet (my current Naked DSL provider) saying FTTC NBN is finally available at my premises. Where I live, FTTP has been available for 2 year for about half the town – the area closest

Find out which companies have used your email address to advertise to you

Have you ever signed up to a website, and then noticed seeing their advertising on Facebook? It could be due to re-marketing (which is a cookie stored on your computer when you visit their website), or it could be because they have your email address and uploaded it to Facebook.

Broken Charger Cord? Try Wireless Charging

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 as my primary phone – I know it’s old, but it still serves me well. Apart from I have to be very delicate when I connect the USB Charger at night, otherwise I won’t have a charged phone in the morning.

LEDIFY Your House & Your Bathroom

LED Lighting is getting more and more popular and cheaper and cheaper. It is an easy, energy-efficient solution for mood lighting in your house.

PayID Assists Stalkers Stalk – Have someone’s mobile number and want to know who it is? PayID it!

PayID, a new service that makes sending and receiving money from your bank account a little easier. So instead of remembering those bank details, all you need to do is provide someone your mobile number, ABN, ACN or another similar identifier. However, when using the service yesterday to pay back someone after doing an escape

Do You Have A Lot Of Devices That Can Be Charged By USB? A 10 Port USB Charger Is Your Answer

With more and more devices needing to be charged by USB, I often found myself running out of power points – or only use 1 of the two power points available due to the size of the USB to AC plug.

How to Hack a Mac in 10 Minutes – I Was Surprised How Easy It Is

For anyone who knows me, I hate Mac’s, and anything made by Apple. In fact, I’ve never purchased any product from Apple, ever! I also hate using them, but sometimes you are forced to. Today, I was given an iMac where the Administrator account was somehow deleted. Therefore, without the Administrator account, you can’t install