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Review of iiNet’s BoB1 Modem/Router

You can check out my BoB2 review here, or my BoB Lite review here. I got iiNet’s BoB1 Modem/Router when I first signed up with iiNet almost two years ago, and it surprises me, that I never actually posted up a review of BoB1. Although it is not for sale any more, I have posted

FIRST LOOK: Hands On With iiNet’s BoB2 Modem [PICS]

While I was just about to type “Waiting for by BoB2 –  it should be coming soon” on Google+, I looked out my window, and guess who was walking up my driveway? A delivery man holding my brand new BoB2 Modem from iiNet that I won through iiNet’s Win A BoB2 in May Competition. After

Manage, Track, and Analyse Your Time And Computer Usage With Chrometa

For the past two months, I have been using a program called Chrometa (affiliate link). It is essentially a program that you install on your computer that tracks how much time you spend using applications, the internet, or playing games. I haven’t used other programs that do this sort of thing, so I can’t compare Chrometa – Truly The Best Free Newsletter Manager

I have been using for a while now on one of my blogs Create A Successful Blog, and I have to say it is one of the best free (and paid) email list manager out on the market. Not only do they offer great features such as 1000 subscriber limit and 6000 emails per

NameCheap – The Best Place To Buy Your Domains From

I am coming up to my second year of being a NameCheap customer and from my experience with them, it has been exceptional. With regular promotions and free domain name giveaways, I have scored myself 10 free domain names off NameCheap. All 5 of my domains names are hosted at NameCheap.

Guzzle.It – A Pretty Good News Aggregator

I got an email last week from Marca who told me about their website Guzzle.It. I was using it for a while and I actually quite like it. Basically, what you do is customise your page and select a number of different topics that you are interested. Then it search through feeds and brings you

The Mobile Phone Screen Capturing App For Nokia S60 Devices

After I purchased my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I went on the hunt for some useful apps. I found a very good one for taking screenshots of your mobile phone. It is called ScreenSnap. The quality of the pictures are excellent, as you can see on my 5800 XpressMusic review post. Just open the app, hide