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Create Unique And Custom Designed Website Templates With A Click Of A Button

Please answer the following questions: Do you have a website using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, DotNetNuke, ASP.Net, or HTML? Do you want a unique custom design template for your website but don’t know how to code or have no skills in graphic design? If you answered yes to both of the above questions, you want

Review of Kogan’s Android Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the couch with your computer connected to your TV watching videos, only to find you have to get off your comfortable couch, to skip the boring parts or go to the next video? Alternatively, you may find it awkward to use a full size wireless laser mouse and

What I Would Like To See In iiNet’s Next BoB Modem/Router

I got pretty excited when I got my BoB2 after enjoying my BoB1 for almost two years. It’s a great little device, and you can read my full review of BoB2 here. However, after using BoB2 for quite some time now, there are a few improvements that would make BoB2 an even better modem/router, which

Review of iiNet’s Wireless Bridge

iiNet’s Wireless Bridge is a handy little device that removes the need of having an Ethernet (or network cable) from one end of your house to the other; specifically from your modem (hopefully you have a BoB2) to your TV where you have internet enabled devices such as Fetch TV, your Xbox or PS3. I

A Comparison of BoB1, BoB Lite, and BoB2 Wi-Fi Strength

After being a proud owner of a BoB1, BoB Lite, and a BoB2, I decided to use a program called HeatMapper to test out the Wireless range and signal strength of all three BoB routers. Unbelievably, HeatMapper was my first article I have written  on web blog  Heatmapper is software that you install on

Review of iiNet BoB Lite Modem/Router

First off, if you are not sure what a BoB Lite is by iiNet, I strongly suggest that you first read my post What Does iiNet’s BoB1, BoB Lite, BoB2 and Wireless Bridge Actually Do, And Why Would You Want One, and my review of BoB2. Meet BoB Lite BoB Lite is iiNet’s second BoB

What Does iiNet’s BoB1, BoB Lite, BoB2 and Wireless Bridge Actually Do, And Why Would You Want One?

WIN! Find out how you can win a BoB2 or a Wireless Bridge from iiNet in December One of the most common questions I have been getting from readers after writing my BoB2 review is “What is BoB2? Why do I need a BoB2? What does BoB2 do?” Being IT Savvy, I know what it does,