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Create Unique and Custom Labels within Minutes with Labeley

Whether you’re a product manufacturer, crafter, parent or student, you’ve probably found yourself, at one point or another, in a situation where you need sticky labels. Labels have so many uses. From informing you about a product’s origin, use, shelf-life etc., to organising your college study materials, marking your kids’ personal belongings such as clothes,

Shift to Drift on the Poki Playground

Back in the day when I was in primary school, FunnyJunk was the go to place to go for all your Flash Animation, Games and Gifs. Fast forward 15 years, Facebook Games seems to be the place to be. However, another site I have come across that has a decent range of games is Poki

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s latest flagship phone and is a continued success in Samsung’s Galaxy’s product range. After pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S7 back in March and after three months of use, it’s is by far one of the best phones that I have.

Git1 WiFi Action Camera Review

Do you want an affordable GoPro alternative? Why not have a look at the GitUP Git1 WiFi Action Camera available for $109.95 from SpyTec.

Buy Yourself the Star Wars BB-8 Droid this Christmas [REVIEW]

With the launch of Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens last night, you may have seen the BB-8 Droid. Well, make sure you have one under your tree this Christmas!

Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk Review

Constantly plugging your phone into charge can be an annoying task. Most of the time, your phone just sits on your desk wasting your battery, only to find you have 2% battery left for when you really need to use it. The Nillkin QI Wireless Charging Magic Disk from MobileZap solves that problem once and for all.

Create a Website within Minutes with

Gone are the days of handing out hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a web developer to build you a website, and then have the decency to charge you to make changes because you do not like their work. Wix is a DIY website builder that you are in control of, so you can design your website