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I have been using for a while now on one of my blogs Create A Successful Blog, and I have to say it is one of the best free (and paid) email list manager out on the market. Not only do they offer great features such as 1000 subscriber limit and 6000 emails per month on their free account, they also have extraordinary customer support.


While using MailChimp and writing my email to send out to my subscribers, I accidently deleted it while deleting another campaign in my account that was a duplicate. I was horrified that all my work I put in just disappeared.

After sending a quick email off to MailChimp support, I got a reply the next day from a very friendly fellow, with a great attitude stating that the campaign is now back in my account.

How great is that? It is not often you contact a company and get a reply back so quickly.

So if you own a website, or even a business and want to send a few newsletters out to your customers, I would highly recommend that you get on board with MailChimp. If you are already a user of this great service, please share your success stories.


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