Network And System Administration: Table of Contents

In the next few months, I will be looking into “Network and System Administration”. I will be writing about a number of topics providing information, definitions, and techniques all related about administrating systems and networks.

This page will act as a table of contents for each post.

  • An Introduction To Network And System Administration – The main role of a network and system administrator, troubleshooting problems, change management, the skills required for system and network administrator
    • This article focuses on what it is like to be a system and network administrator, some of the tasks involved, and why it is crucial to have 100% uptime (or close to it) on critical services
  • The OSI Network Management Model – fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, security management
    • The OSI Network Management model is a model of the major functions of network management systems. This post outlines the importance of each section, also known as FCAPS
  • A Brief Comparison Between UNIX and Windows for a System and Network Administrator – How is UNIX different from Windows
    • This article outlines a number of reasons why UNIX is different to the Microsoft Windows Operating System

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