Become a spy with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Telescope

mobile_telescopeThe Mobile Phone Telescope for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit of a novelty item, sold from MobileZap, (a provider of smartphone cases and gadgets for the Galaxy S4 and iPhone’s). The telescopic lens (or what I like to call it – a spy camera) can take some decent photos; however, it can make you feel like a bit of a fool when using it.

Inside the box, you get 1 x Samsung Galaxy S4 camera case, 1 x Long Range Telescopic Lens, 1 x neck clip, and 2 x microfiber cloths. Connecting the camera lens is as simple as attaching the add-on case to the GS4, and twisting in the lens; however, you may find that by the time you connect the lens, your objects moved from view. If you are using a phone case with your GS4, you may have to remove it.

Testing out the telescopic lens


This is a photo of my backyard from the inside my house through the lens, with the camera zoomed in full. Below is a photo while standing in the same location without the lens and no camera zoom. Note: I did crop the bottom of the photo.



Below is the above photo, but I have zoomed-in using my computer.

digital zoom

In my opinion, the quality is just as good without it.

One thing you do need while using the lens, is an incredibly steady hand, or a tripod.local

Yes, you will be able to archive the above image with the telescopic lens; however, for everyday shots it will be a little hard.

For less than $30, it’s a fun thing to have as it is categorised under “novelty”, but you wouldn’t use it on a daily basis, unless of course there is a particular object that you want a photo of that is a fair distance away, or you need a conversation starter.


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