What Is The Most Practical Case For You Mobile Phone?

After I received my Samsung Galaxy S4, I want to ensure I keep it protected from my day-to-day activities. On its own, it feels sleek and light, but if you accidently drop it, it could cause some serious damage. I have tried out three mobile phone cases, and all have different uses, surprisingly. These cases are for the Samsung Galaxy S4, but you can purchase the same design case for different phones. This article will go through the pros and cons for each case.

Sonivo Sneak Peek Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Blue

From: MobileZap.com.au


The first case I tried out is the Sonivo Sneak Peek Flip case.  Overall, I found it bulky, and hard to use the phone.


  • Great for reading in bed as you don’t have to hold the phone up
  • Full front and back protection
  • Enables the Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View feature
  • Offers great projection of the phone
  • Great if your phone is carried around in a bag and not used often



  • The plastic cover over smart view can make it hard for your phone to register the finger input of the answer/hang-up button
  • You need to have the case closed when speaking on the phone as it can get awkward when it is open
  • You need two hands to open the case
  • You can’t adjust the volume control with the case closed
  • Adds noticeable weight to the phone
  • Can be quite awkward to hold when using the phone
  • You have to be careful taking photo’s as the case can get in front of the camera lens when folded
  • Unable to use phone in car mount without damaging the case, and you won’t be able to open it


Recommended for: A purse or wallet

FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

From: MobileZap.com.au


The FlexiShield case only offers protection to the back cover and the sides. Your screen is still at risk to damage.


  • Side buttons easily accessible
  • Easy to hold and use phone with case
  • Easily car mountable and offers side protection
  • Great grip


  • A little interference while trying to press the side buttons
  • Doesn’t offer great protection to the screen of the phone
  • Add weight and makes the phone bulkier to carry

Recommended for: Car Travel

Galaxy S4 S-View Case

From: MobileZap.com.au


Similar to the Sonivo Sneak Peek Flip case, the S-View case replaces your phones back cover and just flips over.


  • Relatively easy to open
  • Does not add much weight to the phone
  • Does not add dimensions to the phone
  • Stylish
  • Car mountable
  • No clear plastic of the S-View – easy to answer and hang-up
  • Replaces your back case of the phoen


  • Bad for car travel as you won’t be able to open it when mounted
  • The S-View screen is activated when the front cover is wrapped around the phone, leaving the phone inoperable
  • Does not offer protection of the phone if dropped – only offers screen protection
  • Fits in with the Flexi case, but unable to use volume control buttons

Recommended for: Stylish accessory, light weight screen protector

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