It’s Geek Week On YouTube – Here Are YouTube Geeky Easter Eggs You Must See

Even if you’re not a geek, you can still have fun with these YouTube Geeky Week Easter Eggs. Check’em out, as well as the Google Translator Easter Eggs, Google Search Easter Eggs and The Best Google Easter Eggs.

YouTube Command Line

Browse YouTube through a command line interface. Simple perform a search query with a / and your interface will change. For example / jackcoladotorg

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week Command Line

Defend Your Video – 1980

Watch any video, and type 1980 (don’t use the numpad) and start destroying the missiles that are attacking your video.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week Missiles

1337 Speek

Turn any video’s comments into 1337 speak. Just type 1337 while watching a video (again, don’t use your numpad) to translates the comments.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week 1337 Speak

X-Men Days – POW!!!

Watch the video “X-Men Days of Future Past – Marvelous Movie Shawarma – Secret Endings YouTube Geek Week” and click on the POW! button (not during the ad) to watch the video like the comics.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week X-Man POW

Search Fibonacci

If you search for Fibonacci to lean about Fibonacci sequences and the golden ratio.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week Fibonacci

Use the Force, Luke

Search for Use the Force, Luke to show some crazy animation – although this screenshot cannot do justice.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week Use The Force

Beam me up, Scotty

Search for Beam me up, Scotty to see Star Trek like animations while loading the search results.

YouTube Easter Eggs Geek Week Beat Me Up Scotty

Take the Geek IQ Test

Not an Easter Egg, but a good, quick, Geek IQ Test. If your not a geek, it can be difficult.

For more Geek Week Action, check out the Official YouTube Channel.


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