The Best Google Easter Eggs

Yesterday I covered a series of Google Translator Easter Eggs, and today, I am going to cover a range of Google Easter Eggs. So let’s go ahead and discover them.

Google Searches

Try doing a search on this list of Google Easter Eggs to see what the Google Search Engine produces:

google easter egg

I am Feeling Lucky

Search for these phrases and press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and see what appears:

  • find chuck norris
  • elgoog
  • french military victories
  • where are my socks

Google Suggestions Gone Wrong

Start typing in the following (do not copy and paste), and see what comes up in Google Suggest. It’s amazing what people search for. This is just one of the fun things to do on Google. Stop at the bolded text, the rest of the text is examples of Google Suggest gone wrong:

  • why is the sky blue
  • is it easy to pick up girls in japan
  • is it legal to marry your first cousin in Australia
  • is it ok to own a Canadian
  • is it wrong to sleep with your sister and is it wrong to sleep with your dog
  • how come when
  • is google making me stupid
  • is oprah gay
  • Why do adults wet the bed
  • why dont girls
  • why are you wearing that stupid man suit
  • why do i fart so much
  • why did the chicken cross the road
  • can jesus microwave a burrito
  • why does my daughter keep getting worms

google easter egg


Change Your Google Language To…

Did you know that Google allows you to change your language to almost anything… even these cool languages. Just click the link and see Google in a magical new language:

easter eggs googleeaster google

Google Products Easter Eggs

The following are Easter Eggs for some of Google’s other products:

Google Reader:

  • If you press the following key combinations a ninja appear: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A
  • You can also get a Google Reader Badge depending on how many articles you have read, however, this was an April Fools joke

Picasa: By pressing Control+Shift+Y, a Teddybear will appear on the screen

iGoogle: Change your iGoogle theme to “Beach” and look what appears at 3:14am every morning

Youtube: Holding the Up arrow key will launch a game of snake

Google Earth: If you press Control+Alt+A, a flight simulator will open

Google Search:


Google Maps Directions

  • Enter any street address directions from Australia to America. Look what it says when you about to cross the Pacific Ocean

Google easter eggs 2011

  • Take a trip from Japan to China, and see what you should take when crossing the Pacific Ocean

List of Google easter eggs


Do you know of others?

If you know of any other Google Easter Eggs, please share with everyone in the comments… in case I have missed something. One final thing, if you like this article, please share it on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to my RSS feed which you will see at the top of this page.


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