5+ More of the Best Google Search Easter Eggs

I have covered Google Easter Eggs before and I have also covered Google Translator Easter Eggs, but I think it’s time for an update to cover some new Google Search Easter Eggs. So if you are looking for a list of fun things to do on Google, here’s what you should search for on Google which is my list of Google Easter Eggs!

Let it snow

Type let it snow in Google for snow to cover the screen which you can then write all over it before you press the defrost button.

Let it snow Google easter egg



Tilt or Askew

Typing the word tilt or askew will tilt the entire page.

Tilt askew Google easter egg


So, did you mean recursion? If you click it, it continues to appear.

Recursion Google Search Easter Egg



Did you mean Nag A Ram? I don’t really get it, but if you want to nag a ram with an anagram, be my guest.

Anagram Google Easter Eggs


Type in Hanukkah and you’ll get a nice decoration.

Hanukkah Easter Egg


If you type in the word Christmas, you’ll be greeted with a Christmas typed page, just like above.

Christmas Easter Egg image

Hexadecimal, Binary, Octal

If you search for one of these words, you will get the equivalent number in Hexadecimal, Binary or Octal for the total number of pages found.

Binary Hex Octal Easter Egg

Zerg Rush

Search for Zerg rush, and try and destroy them all the O’s before they take over your search results.

Zerg Rush Easter Egg

Barrel Roll

Search for Do a barrel roll and your search results will, do a barrel roll.

Barrel Roll Easter Egg

Other Older Tricks

When Google had the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, it would automatically load the first result. So if you typed in “Gravity”, you’d navigate to this page. Although it’s not a Google site, it’s still fun.

If you haven’t checked out my other posts of the Best Google Easter Eggs or the Best Google Translator Easter Eggs, I suggest you do so.


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