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Utilising Efficient Business Practices with Video Conferencing

Regardless of what type of organization you happen to be in, the ability to communicate with others is always the most important thing to focus on. However, when you are trying to give others information, it can truly be difficult to get the most important parts of your message across if you don’t have the

Australian Companies do not have to pay compulsory Superannuation! Here’s how they get around it

Superannuation, some people love it, some people hate it. We all have our thoughts on it. Me, I think Superannuation is a load of $h!t, and here’s another reason why.

11 Ways on How to Bypass a Paywall

It was a turn for the worse as in the last few years, more and more trusted news outlets have been turning on their paywall. A way for media outlets to get you to pay for news that should be free. Australian news website, The Australian charges $8.00 per week to access some of the news

8 Important Considerations When Evaluating Video Conferencing Solutions

Video collaboration is playing an increasingly important role in the way businesses communication, with Internet video conferencing among the business community projected to grow in the coming years. However, many firms are still unfamiliar with the options available on the market, getting more concerned with deployment logistical issues and have no idea how to get

Channel 7 Launches New TV Station 7Flix on 28th February 2016

Channel 7 announced tonight during the first ad break of the long anticipated movie series “Molly” that it is launching a new free-to-air film and entertainment channel, 7Flix.

Commonwealth Bank – The secret they don’t want you to know to increase your bank balance

With interest rates plummeting, those with Savings accounts are hit the worst. For those who have a high-interest savings account, leaving your money in the bank is no longer a good investment. However, did you know that Commonwealth Bank is not telling you about the extra interest that you could be earning?

6 Tips To A Successful Conference Meeting

According to Atlassian, 60 percent or less of work time on average is used productively – meaning, almost half of the time spent at work requires optimization – and a huge portion of that is spent at daily meetings.