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Unified Video Conferencing Solutions

When you talk to people through the Internet, every interaction is filtered through someone else’s design – the program or platform by which you communicate. There are a plethora of choices for what path to connect to others by, but what if there was a way that you didn’t have to make that decision? Is

What Makes a Good Tech Product?

If you are like me and love developing things, whether being websites, or mobile apps; or even using apps what others created such as Facebook, SnapChat, Tinder and the rest; what is it about these apps and websites that make them so popular?

Are SMS Messages Sent From Who You Think?

When you receive an SMS from your friend, parents, or work colleague, you think it’s from them, right? Well… it might not be. A new service has just been launched in Australia that allows you to send a message to someone, while pretending to be someone else. The site works by you entering a recipients

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile POS

A lot of small business owners still think of a mobile point of sale system as the wave of the future. The truth is that they’re not; they’re a big part of the present day that could really help if you gave it a chance. The fact is, mobile point of sale systems have been

11 Things You Can Do To Recover Data From Your Failed Hard Drive

Last month, my computer hard drive crashed. It would not boot, and would make a clicking sound. This is how it took me 1 month and 10 different attempts to finally recover data from my dying hard drive.

Tell us how you use your smartphone and WIN a case for your smartphone or tablet

Thanks to The Snugg and, we’re giving luckily readers a chance to win a free case of your choice for your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is tell us how you use your smartphone and you’ll go into the draw. The Snugg would also love to give readers a 5% discount

23 Million PayPal Customers Are Unhappy, According To PayPal

When you log into PayPal, you may come across this image saying there are 120 million happy PayPal customers. So how many PayPal users are there? According to PayPal’s media website, there are 143 million active registered accounts. So one can only assume, there are 23 Million unhappy PayPal users. Put it another way, the