What is the world’s largest hard drive? It’s a 60TB SSD

I remember in the early 00’s thinking a 1GB USB Flash Drive was impressive – with the price tag of $100. Now Seagate has unveiled the world’s largest hard drive which boasts a massive 60 Terabytes! Although pricing isn’t currently available it will be the lowest cost per gigabyte for flash memory that you can purchase today.


The 60TB SCSI SSD Drive by Seagate outdoes Samsung’s 15.36TB SSD that the company recently revealed.

The drive consumes 1W per terabyte, which is less than other enterprise SSD’s that use about 2W per Terabyte at idle. Although there isn’t currently any ‘shipping’ date, Seagate says it is only “demonstration technology” so we may not have it available in homes any time soon – unless your prepared to pay the expected price tag of over $10,000. The company also states that the current architecture of the 60TB drive can easily grow to accommodate 100TB of data or more.

Nevertheless, we’re going to have so much data to store within the next decade!


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