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Why Video Conferencing is No Longer Just for Small Meetings

Relationships. Today’s business world lives, eats and breathes relationships. You need strong relationships with suppliers, partners, employees, investors and clients more now than ever before because of that fact.

How To Permanently Block A Stalker On Facebook

With 500 million users on Facebook, there may be a few people stalking you. So what can you do about it? Simple, just block them from Facebook so to them, you don’t exist. To do this, visit, and under Block Users, start entering the name of the person you wish to block. Once you

How to send encrypted, secure and secret conversations on Facebook

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you said something confidential to a friend on Facebook; only to find that someone else has read the message? It has likely happened to everyone once before – even me – and it didn’t go down to well (more on my story later). But Facebook’s latest tool “Secret Conversations” now

How to Watch Live TV on Your Phone For Free

It’s finally here – you can now legally watch live TV on your phone thanks to the new Freeview FV App that which is now available on Android and iTunes. You can now watch and enjoy your favourite free-to-air TV show that’s currently on with a click of a button – anywhere in Australia. I haven’t

How Microsoft Surface Hub’s Interoperability Can Enhance the Productivity of Your Workforce

Most of us are very enthusiastic when it comes to developing technology and how it can benefit our lives, whether that’s at home or in the workplace. Technology designed to enhance our work lives can be hugely beneficial, and we’ve certainly seen clear developments and trends over the last few years, including collaborative work spaces.

What is the world’s largest hard drive? It’s a 60TB SSD

I remember in the early 00’s thinking a 1GB USB Flash Drive was impressive – with the price tag of $100. Now Seagate has unveiled the world’s largest hard drive which boasts a massive 60 Terabytes!

How do Credit Card Chips work?

Our credits card now have it – that little gold microchip that we use to insert into credit card terminals to make a payment. But how do these chips work, and how do they differ to the old fashion magnetic strips that we used to use?