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If You Take Your Computer To A Computer Repair Technician, You Must Read This First

If you are not a technical person, there is no shame in that. You may have skills that I.T people do not have. They may pay you for your service like fixing their car; like-wise, you pay them to fix your computer. However… how well do you, know and trust your computer technician before you

It’s Geek Week On YouTube – Here Are YouTube Geeky Easter Eggs You Must See

Even if you’re not a geek, you can still have fun with these YouTube Geeky Week Easter Eggs. Check’em out, as well as the Google Translator Easter Eggs, Google Search Easter Eggs and The Best Google Easter Eggs. YouTube Command Line Browse YouTube through a command line interface. Simple perform a search query with a

How To Never Lose Your Mobile Phone Again!

It will happen to everyone eventually – losing your mobile phone, or having it stolen. A few years ago, they only way to get it back was to look everywhere, or hope someone turned it into a police station. But now most phones have internet access and built in GPS, if you lose your phone,

How To Tell A Facebook Competition Scam

There is a Facebook scam going around from Kmart Australia, with a chance to win one of fifteen Samsung Smart TV. There have been a few entrants already, so I would like to educate people on how to smell a Facebook scam. The Scam This is what the scam reads: We are giving away 15

Do you use a computer? You’ll need to know how to do this

If you’re not that computer savvy, you might find yourself paying $100’s per month for someone to for someone to look at your computer, click a few things, type of a few words to ensure it runs smoothly for you. In fact, these people don’t really do much at all (in most cases) for the

Jack Cola Freebies: Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

It has been a big week here at Jack Cola HQ, with the launch of a brand new website after moving from Joomla to WordPress. Not only this, I am proud to launch Jack Cola Freebies, where I will be giving away free stuff. With the launch of Jack Cola’s Freebies and the new website,

The Ultimate Guide For Finding Someone On Facebook

Remember your primary school or high school sweetheart who you loved really much, only to find that you moved interstate and have lost contact for 20 or so years? Chances are they will be on Facebook. However, with over 1 billion people on Facebook, how are you going to find them? I have discussed in