Is their a Java program to find all possible combinations of words using an x-lettered word?

Saptashwa asks:

Hi Jack,

I was working on a Java project, to find and display all possible combinations (that is, words that can be made) using all the letters of an x-lettered word. But I seem to be running into trouble.

I would greatly appreciate your help, if you could inform me of any feasible way to construct the program’s logic. It should be number_of_letters_in_the_word-independent.

Regards Saptashwa.


The only way you could do that is to connect to a website (like a dictionary service through some sort of API) that you can check if the word exists. But as a minimum, you will need some sort of “words” database and compare it to find all possible possibilities.

I think it’s quite impossible (maybe not for Google), but for smaller programmers to create a Java program so smart it can determine if a series of letters put together is an English word.

So in regards to programming logic, you need to have a database with the words the possible words, and then compare the query with the words in the database.

Hope this helps.


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