I am unable to change my Facebook Email address

Mathieu Asks:

Hi Jackcola, thanks for the info but seeing as you are quite knowledgable about facebook I was qondering if you could help me. I have been trying to reset my facebook email to a new one various times. Each time facebook did not send a confirmation email to me but I am used to receiving one quite quickly. How long should it take for facebook to send it according to your expertise?

And I have also created a new facebook account that i would put to different uses but I wanted to activate timeline right away but the get it now link does not appear on the App as it does on my older account. Would you know how long I should have an account before I am able to activate timeline.


Hi Mathieu,

It shouldn’t take long at all for the confirmation email to come through. It should be almost instant. Who is your email provider? Have you used this email address before on Facebook? Maybe give it a day or two as Facebook could possibly be thinking your requests are spam with the number of requests you have made. But if this was the case, Facebook would probably say so this was the case. Make sure you check your Spam folder, and even send an email yourself to the mailbox to see if other messages go through.

In regards to your other question, to activate the Timeline, you should just be able to visit https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline and click on Activate.

Remember, Facebook’s Terms of Service states you are only allowed to have one Personal Facebook account. If you need more than one, I suggest that you create a Facebook Page instead. This is what I have done at https://www.facebook.com/jackcola.org

Hope this helps,


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