I have hacked someone’s Facebook account and the Police are involved. How can I hide?

Hacker asks:

Hi I’m going to completely be honest with you I have hacked someone’s Facebook by buypassing their sucurity question because she did something very bad to me. So I thought I would hack her Facebook and post insulting things. I know this is wrong, so I then closed it down and linked it to a 10 minuet email. She’s old school and is now contacting the police. The police have 4 screenshots of the event and they are currently tracking down the IP Address. Now I have tried tracking my own and it links to London. I really want to get out of this mess, so how can I hide myself and avoid any trouble?

Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated, and if you resolve this troublesome dilemma I have encountered I am prepared to donate to your website or make some sort of contribution to your help.


It just depends how much time they want to invest in finding you. If you were someone on the Most Wanted list, they would have found you by now, but something this small, they may not worry.

Does she know it was you? If she does, then the police could always get a warrant and search your computer for evidence. Evidance could be this email you have sent me.

The other thing they could possibly do is contact the ISP who own’s the email address and see who had it at the time which would point to you – unless of course you used proxies or a similar method to hide your actions.

If you want to hide, people normally do that when they are doing the attack, not after as it would be too late. The only thing you can do is delete the evidence on your computer, but if you forget something and they find out, they could sting you with tampering with evidence.

You also have to think, is she bluffing? Do the cops have the time to deal with small things like this?

I hope this helps.


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