Can my boss find out where I sent a work email from?

Jeff asks:

I would like to know if a Company can track a location of an employee via an email sent from Company’s email Account.  I have an employee email assigned to me. It is set up through Google/Gmail (it is not a address)

I would like to know if I LOGIN and send an email stating I am in Chicago, Illinois, but I am sending the email from Cleveland, Ohio, Can they tell I’m actually in Cleveland, Ohio when I send the email??? Possibly from an IP Addrees.

More concerned about Tracking via Where I Login and check email. Thank You in Advance JG.


Likelihood, no, they won’t know where you are, but they could possibly find out if they are really desperate.

Your company would be using a Google Apps account to manage your email address. There are a couple of ways they could find out where you are:

  • The check the header of the email to see from what IP address it was sent from
  • They login to Google Apps control panel or year email address and find out the IP addresses that you have recently logged into Gmail on
  • Your organisation is setup to route emails through the company servers which they have location tracking enabled
  • You’ve setup Google Latitude, or have a company mobile phone with GPS tracking enabled
  • You tell a colleague where you are who tells your boss
In all honesty, you have nothing to concern, unless they hold strong suspicions to investigate your actions on company time.
But remember, if they know for a fact you are somewhere meant to be working and you tell them that you are somewhere else and not working, you could get instantly dismissed, so be careful who you tell and what you say.

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