How can I protect myself online?

  1. Format your computer or get an new one – make sure there are no viruses or keyloggers on there. Install antivirus software such as Microsoft Security Essentials.
  2. Change all your passwords and secrete questions to websites/facebook/email etc – in case they’ve secretly been spying on you
  3. Do a google search on yourself, and make sure no private information comes up
  4. Make your Facebook account private so no one knows where you are or what you are doing. Also, it might be wise to clean up your friends list
  5. Browse websites with SSL and HTTPS
  6. Secure your home network and Wireless Router
  7. Check your details on reverse lookup services
  8. Improve your knowledge (read) about Network Security and Security attacks
  9. Read some more tips on how to protect your online identity
  10. Remove personal and unwanted information from Google

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