I think someone has read my emails, what can I do?

If you have suspicion that someone has read or reading your emails, these comments and links may help you out:

  1. If someone has told you someone is reading your email, what is your relationship with them?
  2. Do you have any proof that someone has read your email. They could be bluffing
  3. Who is your Email provider? You might want to secure your account
  4. Who have you been sending these emails too? Could the recipient have forward these emails to someone else?
  5. The person could have found your email address through social engineering (See http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/protect-social-engineering-attacks/), through a friend, or even your Facebook profile
  6. Could you have used a computer to check your computer and did not log out of it, thus someone able to read your emails and forward them to yourself
  7. Check your sent items, deleted items for any emails that could have been forwarded
  8. Do they live close by and could have accessed your wireless network?

Here are some other articles I have written in the past that can help you:

So what can you do?
This depends on whether you have proof someone has accessed your emails and how sensitive the emails that have been leaked are.
My advice is to either:
  • Find out proof first on who read your email, and who have the exposed it to
  • Talk to them and ask why and tell them to delete the copies
  • Ignore the fact someone has read your emails because there is not much you can now do
  • Change your passwords and secrete questions to your email provider

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