How to get Wireless Internet in your appartment when you don’t have a Fixed Internet connection or Wireless Router?

If you are living somewhere and you don’t have a fixed internet connection, or a wireless router, but you do have a mobile internet connection, here are a few ways you can share this internet connection with other devices in hour house.

  1. Get an android phone with a large dataplan and tether through the phone’s Wifi. Depending on your phone, it will create a Wireless HotSpot which you can connect other devices to your phone
  2. If you don’t have a phone, but a Mobile USB dongle, setup an adhoc wireless connection with 1 other device you want to share the internet with. This will allow you to share the internet from the computer that has the USB dongle installed to another laptop
  3. If your network is on a LAN, set up your computer with the Mobile USB dongle installed as a proxy server, so other devices on the same network need to go through that computer to get the internet connection
  4. Just buy a mobile WiFi HotSpot dongle to connect your devices
  5. Install Virtual Wifi Software, which turns your computer into a WiFi hotspot (the same as option one, but you use your computer rather than your phone
I hope these tips will help you.

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