Need to Rent a Car? Hire a Car Through Apex Car Rentals Australia

At the start of March, I had to go to Brisbane for 7 days. I hoped some of my friends could pick me up from the airport, but I had no luck; every one of them was either at work or sleeping in a University lecture. Therefore, in the end, I decided to hire a car for the 7 days I was up there. However, this proved even more difficult, because since I am under 25, most car hire companies charged a surcharge that was about the same cost as the rental itself.

I checked out Budget, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, but they all charged well over $400 for the week, and their excess for being under 25 was up to $2000, if not more – even if it wasn’t your fault.

However, I found a great car rental company that has only been operating in Brisbane for about 8 months and has a fleet of about 150 vehicles.

I ended up hiring my car from Apex Car Rentals Australia. I hired a Hyundai i20 for $378 for 7 days. Although, it’s quite expensive, it was the cheapest I could find for my age. The price wasn’t the only factor why I chose them, it had a $0 excess, a free GPS, free roadside assistance, and for an extra $2 a day, unlimited use of Toll roads.

Why Apex Car Rentals: Simple Pricing


When doing my car rental searches for other companies in Brisbane, you are presented with a price of say $25. You think, “Wow, that’s cheap”, but when you reach the checkout page, your total costs comes to about $50 a month. This is because they also add a booking fee, admin fee, license registration fee, this fee, that fee, and in the end, it all adds up. Apex Car Rentals Australia has three plans, three prices, and that’s all you pay – no more, no less.

Because I predicted I would do a lot of travelling, 100km per day wasn’t enough, and the excess is quite large with the cheaper option, I opted for The Works package. This meant if I had an accident, I would not have to pay an excess, and I also got a free GPS to use as well (which came in handy). Not many car rental companies have $0 excess, especially for people under 25, and paying a little extra gave me more piece of mind.

Why Apex Car Rentals: Airport Pickup

Unlike most car rental companies, Apex Car Rentals Australia is about a 5 minute drive from the Airport. However, don’t worry about that. Simple give them a call when you plane lands, and they will come pick you up straight away in their free Airport Shuttle Bus. I waited about 10 minutes because they just left the airport, but a 10 minute wait was a lot quicker than an extra 20 minute wait for the Brisbane Air Train that leaves every half an hour.

Why Apex Car Rentals: Simple Paperwork

This is the first time I’ve hired a car, so I can’t comment on other car rental companies in Brisbane, but after arriving, it took about 10 minutes for them to do the paperwork and I was on my way. I handed them my receipt I printed out when ordering online; they checked my License and I gave them my credit card to process. They only billed my credit card when I was there, not online when I placed my order. A point to make is that you need to be on your Open license, they don’t hire out to people on their provisional. So people who live interstate, keep that in mind.


Why Apex Car Rentals: Unlimited Tolls for $2/day

The other great thing was you could pay $2 a day and they will give you an e-Tag which gives you unlimited use of the Toll Roads. I well used my $14 dollars of Tolls going through the new Clem Jones Tunnel. For an extra $14, I didn’t have to worry about paying the tolls myself or hope I don’t get infringement notices.

Why Apex Car Rentals: Free Roadside Assistance

Apex Car Rentals in Brisbane also offered free RACQ Roadside Assistance, so if anything happened to the car, you were covered. If it was your fault (like you ran out of petrol), you were unfortunately charged for the callout fee.

Why Apex Car Rentals: The Car

As I said previously, I had a Hyundai i20 Auto. The car only had 9000km on it, it was very clean inside, and mechanically, in a very good condition. The only problem was, I was used to a car which had more acceleration power.

Returning the Car

Returning the car was even easier. They inspected it for damage, and then dropped me off at the airport for my plane. I didn’t have to do anything.


I Strongly Recommend Them

Next time I need to hire a car in Brisbane, I will use Apex Car Rentals Australia again. I absolutely had no issues with them, no worries, and no stress. For $378, I had $0 excess, unlimited kilometres, a free GPS and unlimited use of Toll roads; I couldn’t fault them. The only downside, I now see a lot of Google Adsense ads for them.

So if you need a car rental in Brisbane, make sure you first check out Apex Car Rentals for your Brisbane car hire needs.

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