How to Watch Live TV on Mobile Phones

Watch Live TV on Andoid with Elecom Mobile TV TunerWhen you go away on holidays, or go on long road trips, sometimes there is a show on TV that you want to watch. Or maybe, you’re incredibly bored and without an internet connection on your mobile phone and have nothing else better to do.

However, did you know that you can watch live TV on mobile phones? So how do you watch live TV on your phone? All you  need to do is purchase the Elecom Mobile TV Tuner for Android phones from MobileZap.

Review of Elecom Mobile TV Tuner

After receiving the DVB tuner device for my Android phone from MobileZap, it was incredibly easy to setup. Literally, all you have to do is download the free Android DVB-T App from Google Play, and connect it to your phone via USB. Then perform a scan, which only takes between 1-2 minutes, and you’re ready to watch live TV on your phone.

Comparing size of Elecom Mobile TV Tuner with Samsung Galaxy S4

I tested the device on a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Review and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review. However, strangely, the new version of the App is not compatible with the GS4, but it is with the Xperia Arc. There is not much difference between the two apps, but the new version does offer a better user interface, and is a little less buggy. The old version does works, but to scan stations, you need to have the phone in portrait mode; otherwise, you cannot press the scan and OK buttons. I also found that you couldn’t watch TV utilising the full screen as you can see below.

Elecom Mobile TV Tuner For Android Review

Mobile TV Reception

Where I live, the digital TV tuner didn’t manage to detect any of commercial TV stations (7, 9, and 10). I could only received SBS, ABC and the radio and community stations. When I went camping, I managed to pick up some of the regional channels, which was good, as you want it to work when you are away from home.

The device is small, lightweight at only 50 grams and easy to carry. It even comes with a reusable adhesive sticker so you can stick it to the back of your mobile, and take it off when you are no longer using it.


No internet required

One of the best things I like about this device is that it does not require an internet connection to use – so no hefty bills for using all your data allowance.

Record Live TV On Mobile Phone

Crystal Clear Video’s

As you can see in the above image, the images are crystal clear. This is using the new app on the Xperia Arc.

Recording and playback functionality

If there is something you wish to record, you can. However, if your phone doesn’t have much free space, your recording duration is limited. A 40-second clip managed to use up 20Mb. You can watch an example recording on YouTube.

No power supply required

To watch live TV on your mobile, you don’t need to be plugged into a power supply. Keep in mind though; watching TV will drain your battery considerably. There is another Micro USB port to plug your charger in, but this did not charge on either of my test phones.

Closed Captions and EPG

Most digital TV tuners have Closed Caption and an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and the Elecom Mobile TV Tuner has it.

Live TV Mobile Phone EPG Guide

Overall thoughts

If you are a TV lover or regularly out, it is a great device to have in your back pocket. For $130, this DVB tuner for Android is a reasonable price to turn your Android phone into a TV. The Elecom Mobile TV Tuner for Android works in Australia, as well as 20 countries around the world. Just keep in mind, if you get poor digital TV reception in your area, the device won’t likely work, given the size of the antenna.


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