How To Download Facebook Video’s Without Software

Have you come across a Facebook video that you want to save to your computer but can’t find a download link? Well here’s how you do it without any software.

First of all, view the page that has the video you want to download. If it doesn’t already have a download link where you would see it in the image,downloadfacebookvideo then follow the below guide.

1. Assuming that you have Mozilla Firefox installed, press the control and ‘u’ key at the same time to open up the webpage source. (If you have Internet Explorer or another browser, head to view –> page source to open it up.

2. You will now see the source code for the webpage. Press control + ‘f’ to bring up a search dialog box so you can search through the code. Search for  “video_src”. On that line, their will be a URL that will be the location of the video.

For example, the line of code will be something like this:

so_mvp_swf_6v54f256g5eff6521203628.addVariable(“video_src”, “”);

So with this: you now have to do some editing. But it is really simple.

Where you see this http%3A%2F%2Fvideo, change it to http://video

Where ever you see %2F, replace and change it to a /

4. Once you do that, copy the new URL into your web browser, press enter and a popup box will appear prompting you to save or open the video. The new URL should something like this:

It is pretty simple isn’t it? But if you have troubles, ask for help in the comments.

Update: It is believed that Facebook has now fixed this vulnerability, so it’s no longer possible to download video’s this way.


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