Did You Know People Are Now Deleting Their Facebook Accounts

Over the past few months, Facebook has had some privacy issues, and now, they have pushed people (including myself) to the stage where they are deleting their Facebook accounts.

When I heard that people could read your live chats due to a small bug, this drew the last straw for me and forced me to delete my Facebook account. If one simple bug revealed your chats, notifications and friend requests, what happens if a bug reveals much, much more than that.

Although I don’t want to miss out socially what happens on Facebook, I changed my email address before deleting my account, created a new account with my original email address and deleted my old Facebook account. And my God are there a lot of settings to change from Everyone to Friends only. It took at least 10 minutes.

With 2 years of comments and status updates deleted, it would be much harder for my information to popup on the web again, even though it’s probably stored on emails somewhere and would never disappear for ever.

So with my new Facebook account, I am not going to post status updates, and not comment on people’s as often as I used to. Plus, I now have more free time, and Facebook is not a procrastination tool. Since I lost all my friends, I only added the ones who interested me.

If you think I am the only person deleting their Facebook account, think again. Just have a look at the graph below and the spike in the recent weeks.

If you want to delete your Facebook account, please have a read of this detailed article on how to delete and start your Facebook account from scratch.

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