Australian’s Communication Minister says Speed humps on Freeways Will Reduce Accidents by 100%

If you live in Australia, you should know that Communication Minister Stephen Conroy is going to filter Australian’s Internet. However, a recent article states that Conroy is also pushing to have speed humps on Australian’s highways.

In an ambitious plan to protect Australia’s children, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced plans to install speed humps every 100 metres on all Australian freeways.

Senator Conroy also released a traffic management report which appears to support his claims of reducing accidents by 100 percent with a “negligible” impact on traffic congestion. Unfortunately the report was only conducted in suburban back streets. The report concedes that once mandatory speed humps are applied to 100 kph freeways, one in five accidents will still occur. The report also concedes that dangerous drivers who are most likely to speed will easily find ways around the speed humps.

So make sure you read the full article Conroy plans speed humps for Australia’s freeways.

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