My Make Use Of Posts For January

Silly me. I forgot to publish a list of posts that I wrote for Make Use Of in January. I got too excited after my first eBook got published on the site. It is called “How To Create Professional Reports and Documents”, so make sure you have a read of it.

5 Cool Tips & Tricks In Windows Live MSN Messenger

This was the first post I wrote for January. If you are a regular Windows Live Messenger user, then you must have a read of this post. It discusses:

  • How you can remove those annoying ads
  • How to see what contacts haven’t added you to their contact list, and those who have blocked you
  • How to use Remote Assistance
  • How to add cool display names
  • How to view contacts by email address (as you can’t with the new release)

Messenger Plus! Live – The Must-have Addon for Windows Live Messenger

The next post follows on from my previous post and talks about the Messenger Plus! Live, and the useful features it has to enhance your Windows Live Messenger Experience.

How To Buy Brand New & Generic Hardware and Electronics For Cheap

For my final post of the month, I showed you 3 websites where you can by cheap, brand-new gadgets. If you want to do this, then I suggest you check out the post.

Make Use Of for February

Since February is already over, if you have been following me over at Make Use Of, you would have noticed that I didn’t write any posts this month. I am having a break until April. So don’t worry, I haven’t left. I have just been using this time to work on my own (new) website Create A Successful Blog – so make sure you check it out. Also, I have created another website called The Unknown Reviewer – it is still in development, so don’t expect to much from it. But please feel free to write a review.


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