The New K.I.S.S Principle K.I.F.S.A.P

Everyone by now should have heard of KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid! But I would like to improve on this and add a few letters. Why? Because KISS just doesn’t stand up to its name in some situations.

K.I.F.S.A.P – Keep It F*ing Simple And Practical is the new phrase. So many people and organisations make a simple task really f*ing hard, which is KISS, but when they do things that practically does not make sense, or has no practical meaning on what you are doing, this is where K.I.F.S.A.P comes in.

Let me put it into context for you. Why spend 12 hours per week learning something that you have no interest in and has no practical use in the area of expertise you want to go in to? Shouldn’t you spend that time learning something that you WILL use and WILL like to learn? Who is the genius that decided to teach you that? They should Keep It F*ing Simple and Practical. No wonder only 20 people out of 150 turn up to the lectures every week.

This was my weekly rant.

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