5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile POS

A lot of small business owners still think of a mobile point of sale system as the wave of the future. The truth is that they’re not; they’re a big part of the present day that could really help if you gave it a chance. The fact is, mobile point of sale systems have been rigorously field tested. There is no more unexplored territory. While they are constantly being refined and improved as all technology is, there is no doubt that they’re valuable and can really help a business. This is especially true of small businesses that haven’t sunk all their money into expensive and clunky traditional point of sale machines that are no longer useful. You don’t have to outlive the investment in your current products all you have to do is make sure that you’re not cutting too deeply into your profit margin when you spring for a new system. If you have any of these five problems it’s a strong sign that now is the time to invest in a new POS.

Your Clients Hate to Wait in Linemobile_pos

Face it; people hate to wait. There’s nothing that’s going to put the dagger in the heart of the iffy sale like seeing that there’s a huge line ahead of them. If your business strives on impulse or moderate purchases that’s all that you need to have in order to make a great impact just by speeding your lines. The fact that people hate to wait is evidenced most strongly by looking at the online rates of shopping cart abandonment. A “too long” checkout process is the second most common reason for people to abandon their carts, according to PFS Web. The first reason? Shipping costs are too high. Think about it; if someone isn’t even willing to go through a long checkout process online, when they have their slippers and their coffee, why would they want to wait in a long line at the store? If they can do without it, they will. A mobile POS system cuts down wait time by letting your employees go to the customer. Plus, mobile point of sale systems are simpler and smoother to allow more work to be handled by the customer themselves, which into the next point.

You Need to Boost Customer Confidence

People are afraid of identity theft. It’s a rising problem, and more and more people aren’t wanting to let their cards out of their sight. A mobile point of sale system, like those offered by eCommerce vendors like Shopify, is capable of letting a waitress bring a processor right to their customer’s table, or a store clerk can flip the monitor around and let the customer run their own cards. There are many systems that are trying to put control of their cards and information back into the hands of the customers, and while tapping your phone instead of swiping your card is more secure, many people don’t have it yet. Whether you’ve had a recent problem in your area (which causes customers to express less trust than they used to) or you just want to get their attention by being the head of the pack, a mobile Point of Sale system is the answer.

You Have Too Many Human Errors

Even the best fall down sometimes. You can have a great, attentive, well-trained staff and they’re still going to make mistakes. The only thing that you can do is make those mistakes a little harder to make. A clerk who has to enter long strings of data manually also has to spend much more time finding and correcting mistakes, according to the Houston Chronicle. A barcode reader and scanner would allow a clerk to rapidly enter large amounts of data, which makes filling and shipping large orders a breeze. With all of this in mind, there’s nothing quite like the ease of a barcoded system to speed things along.

You Need to Replace Your Old Point of Sale System

A bulky, traditional point of sale machine can cost as much as $20,000, according to Entrepreneur. A startup kit for a mobile POS system with all the hardware (excluding the tablet itself) will cost a tiny fraction of that. If you don’t have to spend tons of cash on something, the better chance there is that you are going to get a very high return on investment. This means that your money will be back in your pocket sooner, and that system will be paid for and churning out pure profit.

You Want to Cut Down on Shrinkage

Lastly, there’s the problem of in-house theft. A good system will make it hard for people to steal without accusing them of everything; scanning every item as it comes in and every time it’s moved will show you where things are dropping off the map. This will allow you to find out when thefts are happening so you can see what employees might be responsible.

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