Are SMS Messages Sent From Who You Think?

When you receive an SMS from your friend, parents, or work colleague, you think it’s from them, right? Well… it might not be.

A new service has just been launched in Australia that allows you to send a message to someone, while pretending to be someone else.

The site works by you entering a recipients phone number (the person who will receive the text message), a sender (someone’s mobile number or 11 character string), and your message.

If the recipient has the sender’s mobile number in their contact book, the SMS will appear that it has originated from the sender and follow on from their past message history.

The service can be useful, and somewhat evil, depending on how it’s used. Although to use the service you need to validate both your email address and mobile phone number.


At the moment, a cost of an SMS is $1, however, there are discounts for bulk buys.

So would you spend $1 to:

  • Tell your boss he’s fired
  • Tell your friends that his girlfriend is pregnant to another guy
  • Tell your crush to break up with their partner

…or do you have better standards than to snoop that low?

Source: only works on the Australian Mobile Network.

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