Channel 7 Launches New TV Station 7Flix on 28th February 2016

Channel 7 announced tonight during the first ad break of the long anticipated movie series “Molly” that it is launching a new free-to-air film and entertainment channel, 7Flix.

7Flix will broadcast on Channel 76 in SD after speculation on 18th December 2015 when Electronic Program Guides (EPG) started to display “New Channel Coming Soon”.

The 7Flix trailer highlights “Movies to fall in love with”, “Big shows that you can’t get enough of”, and “Stories that make you feel great” that features shows and movies such as Seinfeld, Minions, Frozen, and Kung Fu Panda.

Now, we have the fix, a new channel with the perfect mix, channel 76 is 7Flix.

The channel will be targeting towards Netflix users offering bing-watching TV series, as well as be stream on digital platforms along with 7’s sisters stations. After securing content rights, 7Flix will have access to Warner Brothers movies library.

The news of the 7Flix launch on Sunday 28th February comes soon after Channel 9’s new 9Life channel. This will bring the total free-to-air FreeView TV stations in Metro areas to 17 channels.

7Flix Logo


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