Create Unique and Custom Labels within Minutes with Labeley

Whether you’re a product manufacturer, crafter, parent or student, you’ve probably found yourself, at one point or another, in a situation where you need sticky labels. Labels have so many uses. From informing you about a product’s origin, use, shelf-life etc., to organising your college study materials, marking your kids’ personal belongings such as clothes, shoes, toys, organising your tins and food containers in the kitchen, decorating gifts for your loved ones, throwing personalised parties with fun beverage labels and many more other situations where labels can be of significant help.

With so many different usages of labels nowadays, wouldn’t it be nice if you have a tool that enables creation of unique and personalised labels for any purpose? Instead of buying pre-designed label templates that are not always as suitable as you need them to be, the Labeley app will indulge your creativity and help you create labels for any occasion.

Labeley is a free online label design software with a simple to use interface which allows you to customise every aspect of the label. Labeley doesn’t require any design skills which makes creating labels a breeze. The tool is available to anyone with access to a computer and users don’t even need to create an account for using it.

Getting started with Labeley

Go to the Labeley home page and click on the green “Start Designing” button. A new window will pop-up where you can choose one of the four label categories (beer, wine, kids and general).


Once you’ve chosen your category, the interface will open. Labeley offers six design elements for custom stickers design, such as choosing label shape, border, background, graphic, uploading a photo from your computer, and adding text. The designing process starts with choosing the shape of the label.


After you’ve decided which shape the label will be, you can choose a border [optional]. If you don’t like how your label looks with a border you can skip this step.

The next label element is the background. You can pick a colour and choose among the offered background styles, or upload a background image from your computer for a more personalised design.


Next, you can explore the section of graphics and choose from the gallery of beautiful illustrations. If none of the available images are suitable for your label design, upload any image from your computer to create your label.

The final step lets you add text to your label. You can also customise your text by choosing from the many different font options, text colours and styles.


If you’re not satisfied with the final look of the design, you can always go back a few steps by selecting the particular label element you want to change and then delete it or modify it.

Once you’ve finished creating your label you can save your design by clicking on the green “Save Label” button in the upper right corner and then download it on your computer and use it for your needs.

Have fun creating!

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