Vista’s Network Settings

Is it just me or do the developers over at Microsoft make things really confusing? Have a look at the image below and ask yourself, should the definitions of Public and Private be swapped?   But knowing how Microsoft likes making things hard to understand, I would gather that if they didn’t have the phase

Check your McDonald’s Drive Through Bag Before You Drive Off

I got this letter from an email this morning, and I can’t believe a McDonalds Director would think about doing this.     So make sure you check that your entire order is in your bag before you drive off from the drive through.

MySpace FAIL: Look at it drop

Below I present you 3 graphs from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. The graphs show the daily unique visitors from the three popular social networking websites. So lets first look at the number of unique Facebook visitors: Ok, so its climbing. What about Twitter? So not as many as Facebook yet, but a steady increase apart

My Make Use Of Posts for September

This is currently my third month for writing for, and this week, one of my articles, for the very first time got featured on Homepage. So here are my posts for September: LAN Party Tips: How To Organize an Awesome LAN Party This is the post that got featured on If you

BZYLBER, ZAKKA, WINNER123 – I am Sorry – MonopolyCityStreets

Over the past week, I have been playing Monopoly City Streets, and I was doing quite well, hanging around the bottom top 10 locally. When I got a Hazard to put on someone’s street, I took that opportunity, but now regret it. I should have discarded it, or not give it to so many different

Google Webmaster Tools = Lower Search Rankings

One of my sites was doing very well on Google under the keyword “my life is awesome”, so I thought, maybe I should setup Google Webmaster for that website to improve the rankings. Little did I know when I checked my analytical logs today, under the keyword “my life is awesome”, my site actually

What you should not do when creating Powerpoint Presentations

Here is a video I was shown at University by a lecturer. So do you do this? Share your comments.