My Make Use Of Posts for September

This is currently my third month for writing for, and this week, one of my articles, for the very first time got featured on Homepage.

So here are my posts for September:

LAN Party Tips: How To Organize an Awesome LAN Party

This is the post that got featured on If you are planning to organise a LAN Party, then this is a must read article. It discusses what you need to have, what you need to do to have a successful night of gaming with your mates.

5 Tips to Prevent Internet Addiction and Study More Effectively

If you are finding that the Internet or your computer is a drug and you find yourself not being able to study, I present you 5 tips to prevent your Internet addiction so you can study more effectively. Let those grades improve!

6 Websites to Track A Website’s Traffic

Sometimes when you are search the web, you find a great site, but you may not know how popular it is. Well this post will cover six websites that tells you a websites traffic, unique visitors, their location and even their sex, age, income, whether or not they have children. Make sure you bookmark this post because it can come in useful.

Play Monopoly Online with Other People using World Streets

As you can read by my last post on this Blog, I am playing Monopoly City Streets. So get into the game and build your property empire. This post gives you tips, and how to play this fun and addictive game. Maybe I should have another read over my effective studying post again 🙁


So they are my MUO posts for September. I hope you enjoyed them!


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