Find the previous connected number at a premises

I was reading the iiNet Help page and found this number: 127 22 123. I haven’t tried it, but according to iiNet, if you call this number from a telephone handset at a premises, you can obtain the last connected number.

Stay tuned, something new is coming

Something exciting is going to happen soon. If you are a blogger, you do not want to miss this. We have purchased a domain name, have set up a website and in a little while (not sure when, maybe a few days, few weeks or a few months) we will let you know where you

Google has a search error

I’ve been doing a Google search and I have noticed that this comes up and quickly disappears. What have the Google engineers done, or is this part of their new search engine they are secretly developing? Update: I believe this may be caused if you have Web History enabled 

Spy on people who search the web using your computer with Google

Before you read, please remember that it is not good to spy on people without them knowing – unless they are jerks. Do you want to know what other computer users that use your computer are searching for? Do you share one computer with on logon account? Are you suspicious on what other computer users

It’s All On! Here Comes The Competition/War

Over the past few weeks, the competition for the online world has fired up. As Microsoft and Yahoo join forces to battle the search engine war against Google, Facebook acquired a new friend today, FriendFeed to defeat Twitter. Sneaky Google have revealed today that they have secretly been working on a project that will revamp

Reasons why you need to write down your ISP phone number

As with my last post, I mentioned that my internet was down. It was down for quite some time. I then decided to give my ISP a call to see what is happening.  So I open up Firefox and and go to their website to find their number, only to realise that the Internet is

How Computer’s Talk to Each Other

For one of my subjects, we have been using WireShark. This nifty piece of software records each packet that enters and exits your network card. You can also see passwords that you enter on certain unsecured websites. After examining my network after my internet connection went down (don’t you just hate that!), I had a