Is it just me or does Microsoft Security Essential’s slow down your computer?

After hearing many good reviews about Microsoft Security Essentials, I decided to give it a go and install it. I don’t really like using AV software due to the fact performance decreases dramatically. So why did I let my guard down and install Microsoft Security Essentials?

I have read many reports saying that people should use it as a alternative to a free Antivirus software solution, but for me, after I installed it and did a scan (which it returned nothing), I decided to uninstall it.

Why? For the simple reason is that it slowed my computer down A LOT. I had never had issues with my computer’s performance until I installed the program. My computer became unresponsive for about 5 minutes while doing everyday tasks that I normal do.

I don’t have any Antivirus software on my computer, nor do I need one. I think they are are a waste of processing power on your computer and money if you have purchased one. If you protect yourself, don’t open strange emails, browse suspicious sites, or download and run programs that you don’t trust, you’ll find your chances of not getting a virus that will affect your computer is 99%.

It has been more than one year, and I have never gotten a virus. Just be careful on what you do on the Internet, and use Firefox, and you should be fine.


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