Find out which companies have used your email address to advertise to you

Have you ever signed up to a website, and then noticed seeing their advertising on Facebook? It could be due to re-marketing (which is a cookie stored on your computer when you visit their website), or it could be because they have your email address and uploaded it to Facebook.

What companies have shared your email address with Facebook?

All you need to do is click here. Select “Advertisers you’ve interacted with”, and “Who use a contact list added to Facebook”.

The companies that you see listed here have uploaded your email address to Facebook to send your targeted advertisement. As you can see, I have signed up to PlayStation using the same email address I use for Facebook for them to target me with advertising. What’s even more concerning about PlayStation (as I discovered in my article “Are you unintentionally leaking your Facebook Profile Data“) is the data they request and have access to as soon as you link your PlayStation account to Facebook.

What does Facebook know about you?

On this page, Facebook as grammatically categories your interests based on your browsing habits. It’s scary stuff that Facebook is “learning” about you. They will probably soon (if not already) know more about you as an individual than your partner.

It’s just like the story how Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her farther.

So the question is… do you continuing with Facebook knowing and learning everything about you?

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