Do You Have A Lot Of Devices That Can Be Charged By USB? A 10 Port USB Charger Is Your Answer

With more and more devices needing to be charged by USB, I often found myself running out of power points – or only use 1 of the two power points available due to the size of the USB to AC plug.

Currently around me, I have three mobile phones (personal, work, and partners), an Action Camera, Digital Scanner, USB Fan, a couple of GPS tracking devices I am testing out, a clock, desk lamp, digital camera, a smart watch, a Fitbit charger, a Bluetooth smart bangle, and noise cancelling headphones.

That’s quite a lot of devices – 16 I’ve counted – and all chargeable by a USB port. So I hunted around and settled on the Sabrent Smart Desktop Charger With Rapid Charging Technology from

My first impression was very positive. The look and feel felt very strong, and it does not look and feel like one of those cheap Chinese imported devices. One I plugged it in, I was faced with 10 blue lights, which was quite annoying to have in your bedroom as you sleep. So, if this device is going into your room, I’d suggest avoiding it, so you can have a peaceful night sleep – unless you would like a blue nightlight.

I picked up the white version (it also comes in black). However, I was a bit disappointed it came with a black charging cord for a white device. It just looks and feels out of place with it not matching. Even though the MacFixIt website contained a white charging cord.

The USB Charging Station is quite powerful with 60 Watt (12 Amp) of power. For something of its size, ports, and cost – it provides good value for money.

Keep in mind, this is a dedicated USB Charging Station only – it’s not a USB Hub so you can’t connect it to your computer or laptop to increase the number of USB ports.

It’s USB 3.0 Compatible and can supply 2.4 Amps per port, whereas some other USB Charging Stations can only provide full capacity to half of the USB ports, or only support a charge at 1 Amp per port. It also has Auto-Detect Technology, so the USB charger will automatically sense what amperage your device needs to charge to ensure the fastest charge possible (and allowable).

The device is also UL Certified, meaning that it meets relevant safety standards.

If you are looking to take charging station on your travel adventures, it is quite compact for its nature measuring 4.8 x 5.8 x 9.4 cm. It’s about the size of a block of butter! If you are a family going on holiday’s, it is a great device to have so you don’t all have to fight over the hotel’s one power point.

After using the 10 port USB Charging station for a couple of weeks now, I can’t really fault it. If you are in the market for an affordable USB charger that supports 10 devices at any one time, look no further than the Sabrent Smart Desktop Charger with Rapid Charging Technology.

And because I am so great at photography…


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