LEDIFY Your House & Your Bathroom

LED Lighting is getting more and more popular and cheaper and cheaper. It is an easy, energy-efficient solution for mood lighting in your house.

Recently, I received the Veho Kasa Colour Changing 3m LED Strip Lighting Kit from Mobile Zap. It costs just over $50. I also got the AGL Motion-Activated Toilet LED Night Light for $22.

Unlike your typical LED strip lighting, this 3-metre strip lighting can be controlled by your Apple or Android phone using a free, lightweight app that connects to the strip lighting via Bluetooth.

With up to 16 million colour combinations, you have full control on how you would like your lighting to be.

This is the perfect device if you want to set mood lighting to enhance any area of your home at any time of the day. I decided to setup the strip in my stairwell, which is at the front of the house.

As you can see, from the outside, it really lights up the outside of the house. I must admit, I am no artist, so I don’t know what colour here is good.

If we take a look inside, we can see what it looks like. I took these photos with no other lights on in the house.

As you can see, you can change the look and feel of your home very quickly. In these examples, I used the full brightness to show it, but in reality, you might want to go for a softer feel.

For these images, I wrapped the Led Lighting strip around the handrail of the stairs temporarily. However, the strip lighting comes with pull-off tape, so you can affix the strip permanently.

To get the best effect (my personal opinion here), you should not have the actual LED’s visible to the eye and to rely on the reflection of the light on objects.

Controlling Your Lighting with the LED Mobile App

To control the LED Lighting Strip, you need to download the free Veho Kasa App, which you can download from the Google Play store on from the App Store. With your Bluetooth on, and in range of a few metres, the App will be able to find your LED Strip lighting and connect. Once connected, you can set your colour, set schedules and timers, save mood lighting, and more.

The app is very simple control and can connect to a vast number of other LED lighting strips.

One thing the app doesn’t have the ability to do is set a number of colours and to rotate through the colours in a sequence. You can set schedules, but if it will be really time consuming to set multiple rotations. However, it is easy to set 7am to 9am as one colour, and 7pm to 9pm as another colour.

You are also not stuck with just one Led Strip Lighting. You can connect many Lighting strips together and connect them in groups to configure simultaneously. This is great if you have a large area to cover, and it saves time in configuring each one.

Motion-Activated LED Toilet Night Light

In addition to the LED lighting strip, I also ordered a night light for your toilet bowl. It may sound strange, but this is the perfect addition to your toilet, especially if your kids need a light in the middle of the night.

The sensor device sits on the actual bowl of the toilet and turns on when it detects motion in the dark. With 9 colours available, and 5 brightness settings, it lights up the entire toilet bowl and the surrounding area – just enough for you to see what you are doing. The good thing about this, it only activates in darkness, so you can be sure to get longer use out of the 3x AAA batteries that are required.

One concern I did have when ordering the Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light was about cleanliness. I thought it would get real gross, but surprisingly, with 1 month of usage, it has kept surprisingly clean. But if your toilet users don’t have a straight aim, then it could get messy.

If you can’t decide on one colour, you can also have it rotate through them all, as shown in this video. The only thing is, you can’t set a duration, so it can be quite distracting.


So if you need to add some mood lighting to your house and bathroom, check out the Veho Kasa Colour Changing 3m LED Smart Strip Lighting Kit and AGL Motion-Activated Toilet LED Night Light from MobileZap.


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