What I Hate About Businesses

It’s those little tiny irrelevant things that businesses do to make customers happy or unhappy. I have a saying between business and customers and that is “The Customer Is Always Right”. Why should a business argue with a customer? What does the business have to gain? Nothing. What do they have to lose? Everything – customers, loyalty and goodwill which in turn provides them with a wage.

What do they have to gain? Not much. If they sacrifice something to make a customer happy, in the long term, it will be more profitable for their business. If they lost one happy and loyal customer who negatively spread their brand name, they have lost more than what it would cost them to keep that customer happy.

The main points I am trying to archive are:

  • Keeping customers happy is the key to business success
  • One person can have a huge affect on the success of organisations
  • The customer is always right

What are little things that annoy you about businesses, and what do you think they can do to fix it?

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