My laptop is connected to the TV and I am getting lines across my TV display, Why?

There could be a number of possible problems for this:

  • The connection is to the laptop or TV could be bad
  • The cable itself could be dodgy
  • Your have a low-end graphics card that can’t support the TV input requirements
  • You are using some sort of converter which is interfering with the signal quality.
  • Your laptop’s output configuration is not configured properly – check the resolution and screen refresh rate and ensure you laptop output and TV input support it
    • To adjust the output, presuming Windows 7, right click on empty space on your desktop, select “Screen Resolution”
    • Click “Identify” to ensure you are modifying the correct screen
    • Ensure the correct display is selected, and adjust the resolution to one that is compatible with your external display.
    • To adjust the screen refresh rate, click on “Advance Settings”, select the monitor tab, and adjust the screen refresh rate to one that is compatible with your display.

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