FaceBook! What Have You Been Doing!

I really wonder what is currently going through the minds of those working at Facebook. In the past week, you’ve been threatened to be taken down for a day, yesterday, everyone seems to be having problems, and your new and improved Facebook Chat system… well I am not going to comment on how that was a good idea. There are also more changes that are now live such as the redesign of the account settings page, which now looks like this:


Not only that, but today, I got this email saying that I have not been on Facebook for a few days. What the hell? I’ve been on Facebook every single day, so make sure you get your facts straight. With the information you have, I don’t know how you could get that wrong.

So basically, they are now sending daily digest email notifications by default, instead of real-time notification which they have been doing ever since. Obviously, with over 600 million users, in one day, I can get up to 100 FaceBook emails, so by just sending out one per day, that will obviously cut back many emails. The other thing, for a daily digest email notification, I would expect to see a listing of everything that I got a notification for and not just a link to how many notifications I haven’t read in a day.

imageOne thing that is pretty good is that Facebook, (well I assume) tells you how many emails it sends of a certain type. Although it is not extremely useful, it does put it into perspective of how many notification emails you get. Since July 2007, I have all social media generated emails go into one folder – that is MySpace, Facebook, and now Google+, and I’ve accumulated 9100 emails (exactly) – although not many, it still adds up.


So are you happy with these Facebook changes? What are your thoughts on the new Chat sidebar? Are you switching over to Google+ and deleting FaceBook for good? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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