Google’s 2007 Aprils Fools Joke Nearly Comes True

If you ever visit Google on April Fools day, you would know that they come up with some pretty crazy things. In 2007, they introduced Google TiSP which is short for “Toilet Internet Service Provider”. Basically, you can get a free internet connection by installing an optical fibre cable into your toilet.

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But today, while reading my daily tech news, I came by a news post dubbed “Brisbane Sewer Fibre plan Canned – for now”. In a nutshell, the City of Brisbane was planning to run fibre optic cables through sewer pipes after a successful trial; but the Lord Mayor has now canned the proposal due to insufficient progress.

This got me thinking, Google has had that idea for years – but it was an April Fools Joke! Come on Brisbane, you weren’t meant to take things literally.

Google's April Fools Joke Comes True

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